Ben Courneya

  • Minneapolis MN

For the past ten years, I've been a stay-at-home dad and a freelance artist. From the time I was 5 years old I've been honing my skills in color, form, and composition. I've been able to translate these skills into a variety of media from digital art, to painting, murals and cake design. I love to work with subject matter involving animals and the natural world, but clients value my versatility and I am always looking forward to new artistic challenges.


Tin Wiskers Brewery, Fantasy Flight Games, Edina Realty, Target, Brooke Ross Photography, Sweets Bakeshop, Dynamic Diversified


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Artist at Freelance

6/2006 – Present Minneapolis, MN

For the last 12 years, I have been offering my skills as an artist and designer for hire. I’ve only recently begun to self-promote, as my schedule now allows me to take on much more work.

-Worked with a broad variety of clients, from private parties and small business owners, to nationwide companies.

-Completed many types of project in a number of mediums, including t-shirts, logos, post cards, murals, paintings, comics, magnets, GIF animation, and digital illustration.

-Maintained consistent and clear communication with clients on a variety of platforms.

-Successfully managed to provide professional quality work with short timelines and hard deadlines.

-Employed my resourcefulness and problem solving to meet the unique demands of each project.

-Self-directed learning in digital media, including digital painting, photo editing, and vector art.

Muralist at Tin Whiskers Brewery

06/2013 – 04/2014 Saint Paul, MN

I got tapped to do a mural for a craft brewery that would be having its grand opening in late spring 2014. Check out their blog about it at:

-Engaged in a lengthly consultation with the owners of the brewery, which included several design rounds, meetings, numerous emails, and on-site planning.

-Drafted a timeline, budget and list of assumptions for the owners in order to provide a realistic idea of the scope of the project.

-Worked with the owner’s contacts to gain access to a specialized projector which would allow me to project the work to a sufficient size.

-Procured or created all the materials necessary to complete the project.

-Consulted with a professional muralist to develop a strategy to complete the work.

-Worked long weekend hours to complete the job ahead of schedule, and under budget.

Lead Cake Designer at Sweets Bakeshop

01/2012 – 10/2012 Minneapolis, MN

I worked at this small storefront as the primary cake and cupcake decorator.

-Worked collaboratively with the owner and bakers to design and decorate cakes for birthday parties, corporate events, and weddings.

-Created display cakes for contests, trade shows, and magazine shoots.

-Was the lead designer for the decoration of the shop, including window displays, store shelves, and bakery cases.

-Was the primary contact for all of our clients, from initial contact, through design, production, and delivery of the product.

Cake Sculptor at Freelance

10/2009 – 11/2015 Minneapolis, MN

I developed this home business using social media and word of mouth generated from the birthday cakes I designed for my sons.

-Worked with clients from initial contact through design consultation, production and delivery of the final product.

-Managed each project through tight timelines, small budgets and unmovable deadlines.

-Maintained clear and consistent communication with all my clients on various platforms; each with unique commucation styles and differing expectations.

-Self-directed learning with numerous techniques and new materials to expand the possibilities of my work.

-Executed dynamic, beautiful and exacting work using a limiting and unforgiving medium.

Stay-at-Home Parent at Courneya Family

10/2008 – Present Minneapolis, MN

I took this position on a volunteer basis to save the organization tens of thousands in child care costs. As they say: the pay stinks, but the benefits can’t be beat.

-Supervised numerous education initiatives, including teaching my clients to walk, talk, use the potty, and read.

-Spearheaded enrichment retreats, such as camping, trips to the zoo, library and museum, and nature walks.

-Maintained a consistent exercise program which included frequent playground visits, couch olympics, and lava floors.

-Stayed on call 24/7 for the entirety of this period. This included countless duties performed in the middle of the night and early morning hours.

-Worked closely with my partner to maintain a consistent message, helping to provide my clients with instruction on empathy, manners, and appropriate behavior.

-Deftly balanced the goal of having well behaved, trustworthy children with the desire to raise curious, creative, happy human beings who are adept at free thought.


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BA Coursework at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

2000 – 2004 Minneapolis, MN

UI certificate Program at Career Foundry

2018 – 2019 Online